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TALENTism, your influencer marketing solution in Korea

Marketing is data. Marketing is a language. Marketing is a culture. Marketing is communication. And marketing is integrated art.

Korea has its own and unique marketing ecosystem. While many foreign companies use Google and Facebook for Korean market marketing strategies, Naver and Daum are building strongholds for digital marketing industry in Korea. That’s why lots of MNCs and professional marketers are suffering difficulties in Korea market.

TALENTism provides reliable influencer marketing solutions for global companies which want to expand their market to Korea. We are cooperating with the most influencing and popular influencers in Korea. 84% of 1339 generation in Korea get information of products and services on SNS. And 76% decide purchasing by review. Korean is one of the frontier market of digital marketing industry. TALENTism will be your best partner for influencer marketing in Korea.

Planning to extend your market in Asia? Start from Korea

Korea is the trend leader in Asia.

BTS, Blackpink, NCT, Twice……you may know they are leading the trends of Asia pop market. K-pop is amazing but that it not all about Korea. Beauty, fashion, cosmetics and personal care goods, Korea leads the whole Asia market. If you want to be successful in Asia, you should start your marketing strategy in Korea first. Many Asian consumers love Korean products. In addition, they love the products that Korean consumers love together. When your items are successful in Korea, they spread out to through out all Asia. That’s why your Korean marketing is so important. Korea is not the biggest market but it drags your items to whole Asia market.

Want success in Korea? Then you need the best marketing agency in Korea, TALENTism. Influencers and KOLs in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam are waiting for collaboration with you. We bet you can experience the best influencer marketing. Korean Influencers will help you achieve successful influencer marketing campaigns in Korea.

  • Manage SNS Account : Facebook Page, Naver Blog, Daum T-story
  • Influencer Marketing : Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Naver, Daum 
  • Create contents : Video, Banner, Card news
  • SEO, SEM
  • Affiliation Marketing
  • Beauty & Fashion, Hotels & Resorts. Mom & Kids
  • Weekly / Monthly performance report
  • Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam

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