Access to core valuable information of the Korea market

Economic environment of Korea cannot be explained only by numbers. That’s why we call Korea a <country of spirit>

TALENTism supports your market research in Korea with hundreds of industrial professionals. Korea is an attractive market with huge opportunities but not easy to start business without deep understanding about its own culture, language  and economic environments. You need reliable business partners in Korea to make successful business development. When you don’t know relevant policies and regulations, business environments, market trends and even what you don’t know to check, TALENTism will provide the world best market research solutions for Korea market. Market research and analysis are key factor of succeed of business development.

Korea is ranked top 5 manufacturer and top 10 international trader. However, this is very unique market with its own language, culture and economic structure. It’s hard to read Korean’s mind by report and statistics. TALENTism helps you conduct market research and analysis with Korean local professionals with decades of experience. You can access to core information of the Korea market before you set up business strategy in Korea.

Meet Korean professionals

Globalization starts from localization. Korea is located between China and Japan but there is nothing similar to those countries in Korean economic environments. That’s why lots of MNCs have difficulties in market research in Korea.

TALENTism helps you to save time and efforts by providing professional insight of industrial veterans. Korean industrial leaders with decades of experiences will be your market research consultant. You can see something beyond reports and documentation. 

Statistics and reports are about the past but this conversation will be for the present and the future.

  • Professional consultant platform consist of over 250 industrial leaders in Korea market
  • Timely market research by on demand method
  • Real time communication with key opinion leaders in Korea market
  • Access to core market information with multi channel sources
  • Market report ahead of official reports and statistics
  • Share unpublished insight and prospect of key opinion leader in Korea
  • IT / Healthcare / Beauty & Fashion / Energy / Finance / FMCG

Find out reliable business partners in Korea

Due to the unique culture of Korean environment, it would be challenging to enter the Korea market. Even though you conduct a perfect market research in Korea, it’s a different story to be successful here.

There are lots of ways to enter new markets but the most effective one would be collaboration with local business partners. Partnership in Korea should be established on relationship which is not way for MNCs. TALENTism helps you communicate with Korean companies and build up a long term partnership.

  • List up potential business partners by region, industries and scale
  • Reference check of the potential business partners in Korea
  • Set up site visitation and facial meetings
  • Negotiation for T&C
  • Review regulations, contract, NDA and other relevant documents
  • Liaison point for business partners in Korea / Translation and interpretation service
  • Manufacturers (OEM/ODM) / Distributors / Sales Representative / Buyer & Sellers

Market report and analysis

Market research starts from data. Market research ends with numbers. TALENTism provides reporting service for your clear market research in Korea.

At the beginning and the end of your market research in Korea, there will be TALENTism with the best reporting service.

  • Market reports and analysis
  • Financial statement and valuation
  • Relevant regulations and policies
  • Survey and polls
  • Official reports and statistics