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자본주의 시대를 넘어, 인재가 기업 가치 창출의 핵심이 되는 TALENTism을 준비합니다.

전세계 28만 여명의 전문가들이 새로운 도전을 준비하는 여러분을 응원합니다.

수 십년간의 경험과 지식, 정보 그리고 통찰력을 갖춘 업계 최고의 베테랑들이

여러분의 사업을 성공으로 이끌어 드립니다.

Beyond capitalism, we believe there will be talentism.

TALENT, it will be the core of value creation in your business.

Local professionals with decades of experience will support your challenge.

You can share information, knowledge, experience and insight
with the world best consultants.

Our history

탤런티즘 설립 / Begin the story of TALENTism

FESCO-Adecco 협업 /  Business partner of FESCO-Adecco

한국산업인력공단 K-move 사업 멘토 지정

Become an executive partner of K-move

에너지 및 헬스케어 전문가 네트워크 구축 시작

Build up professional platform in Energy / Healthcare Industry

일본 및 싱가포르 네트워크 구축

Build up professional platform in Japan and Singapore.

경인여자대학교 해외 취업 컨설턴트 지정

Designated oversea job consultant at Kyeong-In Women’s University

동남아, 인도 전문가 네트워크 구축

Build up professional network in ASEAN and India


대통령직속 북방경제 협력위원회 위원장 송영길 싱크탱크 합류

Designated consultant at The Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation

독일, 네덜란드, 스웨덴 등 유럽 전문가 네트워크 구축

Build up professional network in EU area.

자동차 및 기계장치 전문가 네트워크 구축

Build up professioanl network in Vehicle & Machinery industry

금융, IT, TMT 산업 전문가 네트워크 구축

Build up professional network in Bank & Finance, IT and TMT industry

Why choose us?

We cover 24 hours and 7 days. As our clients are all over the world, we are always ready for your requests.

We don’t say try our best. We show you the results.

Why Korean government, public organizations have chosen TALENTism? You will get to know the reason.

Your time and efforts are precious. We focus on what we can do best and help you to focus on more productive works.

All of our members are from the best research consulting firms and recruiting agencies. You can find better solution with us.

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